About the NRGRDA

Our Mission

The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority initiates, facilitates and supports the community and economic development efforts within the counties of Fayette, Nicholas, Raleigh and Summers located in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia.

Our Vision

The New River Gorge region is a collection of vibrant, prosperous, futuristic-thinking people and employers.

Economic Development

The NRGRDA stimulates the regional economy through business expansion and retention efforts, including an extensive portfolio of financial services, the management of sites for new companies locating to our region, and serving as a point of access for local service providers which offer a variety of technical assistance for business owners.

Our Business Support Program is a proactive, recruitment, retention and expansion strategy designed to identify and address the needs, challenges and opportunities of new and existing business in our Region. The goal of the program is to provide information, services and tools to business and industry to support expansion and to create new jobs and investment.As a committed partner of the small business owner, it is our charge to coordinate efforts in cooperation with our network of economic development partners to work to address the specific needs of a company in the areas of finance, employee and labor resources, environmental permitting, zoning, state and local taxes, existing government programs, training, media coverage and various other professional services as deemed appropriate and/or necessary. We administer loan programs structured to support a larger funding package.Our extensive economic development partner network consists of federal, state and local business service providers, including chambers of commerce, business and community leaders, workforce training organizations, schools, colleges and universities and government agencies and other partner agencies and representatives as needed.

Community Development

We acknowledge that healthy and vibrant communities create greater potential for economic development, therefore we have partnered with the Cooperative Extension Service at West Virginia State University to provide Community Development specialists in each of our four counties.  These trained professionals work to assist the communities within the New River Gorge region in areas related to Main Street revitalization, community beautification, strategic planning, historic preservation, grant writing, non-profit management, tourism development and the advancement entrepreneurial activity.  Through being active members of local communities, our specialists serve as invaluable connections between our organization and the region we serve.

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