For business and employee resources, information, and updates on COVID-19, please visit the WV Hive website.



In an effort to provide West Virginia Businesses with resources and capital to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic, please complete and submit the following COVID-19 Emergency Relief Loan Fund Eligibility form for consideration.

• Desired loan amount: up to $25,000 – if funds are available, larger amounts could be considered.
• Costs to Borrower: Average interest rate of 3% plus any potential closing costs incurred.
• Providing financial records and tax returns.
• Programs, including SBA loans, to the repayment of the Emergency Relief Loan.
• If approved, loan interest and principal will be deferred for six months followed by 60 months of fully amortizing principal and interest.

If you have any difficulty completing the online version of our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Loan Fund Eligibility Form, please download and complete the printable version today and email it to with the following subject line:

“COVID-19 Emergency Relief Loan Fund Eligibility Form Submission”