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Appalachian Community Capital has announced receipt of a technical assistance grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission to help bring Opportunity Zone investment into Central Appalachian communities in Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Opportunity Zone incentive was established by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to encourage long-term investments in low-income urban and rural communities across the nation. The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority, along with The WV Community Development Hub, is serving as the co-state lead for West Virginia in Opportunity Appalachia, a technical support initiative designed to strengthen investable transactions in target rural communities, attracting Opportunity Zone investors to back small businesses and real estate development, leading to more local jobs.

There are 158 Opportunity Zones in Central Appalachian coal-impacted communities throughout Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. To participate in Opportunity Appalachia and to apply for technical assistance for project prospectus development and support for Opportunity Zone capital raising, please visit the Appalachian Community Capital website.


The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority also works closely with regional workforce programs to strengthen and grow the workforce within the New River Gorge region. Part of this work includes efforts to increase the health and wellness of all residents through a partnership with Active Southern West Virginia.  From a host of free monthly community events to workplace wellness programs for local businesses (at no charge!), improving health helps to build a sustainable environment for economic growth in Southern WV.


Outdoor NRG is an initiative supported by the Beckley Area Foundation and Central Appalachian Network.


Recognizing West Virginia’s rich outdoor assets, adequate development potential, and strong existing leadership workforce in the New River Gorge region, New River Gorge Regional Development Authority (NRGRDA) secured funding to launch Outdoor NRG. The outdoor industry in West Virginia is an untapped, under utilized path for regional growth, population attraction, and sustainable economic development. Outdoor NRG will serve as a catalyst for other regional partners interested in developing within the outdoor gear industry.


Outdoor NRG will convene interested individuals to collectively build a network and environment that attracts, fosters, and prioritizes entities manufacturing goods that serve adventure sports and the outdoor industry. By gathering data and crafting a message drawing interest and regional marketing potential, Outdoor NRG strives to retain and grow a unique, healthy population of industry businesses complimentary to the outdoor industry, creating jobs, a stable workforce, and a growing regional population.


In March 2019, NRGRDA contracted Noah Wilson, Emergent Opportunities to serve as a facilitator for Outdoor NRG. Noahs work with the Outdoor Gear Builders in Asheville, NC is impressive, ongoing, and impactful. Moving forward, Noah and Outdoor NRG will host a series of convenings to bring together individuals across the outdoor gear industry. Throughout these convenings, Noah will gather themes, goals, and next steps to develop a strategy for growing the outdoor industry in the New River Gorge Region.


Outdoor NRG seeks to bring together Outdoor Vendors/Retailers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Experienced Outdoor guides, Outdoor Manufacturing Companies, Related Business/Industry Leaders, Land Managers, Start-Ups/Entrepreneurs, Economic Development Leaders, Capital Providers/Funders, Outdoor Business and Innovation Support, and others wishing to grow the outdoor gear industry in the region.