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West Virginia Agrarian Commons Raising $258K in Nationwide Fundraising Campaign

The West Virginia Agrarian Commons (AC) is raising $258,000 through a nationwide fundraising campaign to acquire the 82 acre Whitlock Farm in Fayetteville, WV (see video below) and convey 99-year leases to next generation farmers to support food production, access, security, and equity to realize a new land-based economy in the post-coal region of Southern West Virginia.

“The future of New Roots Community Farm is at risk since we do not own the land,” says New Roots Community Farm Director and West Virginia AC President Susanna Wheeler. “The Agrarian Commons will provide long-term stability for New Roots Community Farm and help bring security to the work we are doing to support new farmers and scale up our ability to get new farmers on a piece of land long term while simultaneously providing them with important resources to access markets and receive training.”

To contribute to this effort or for more information see the Agrarian Commons website: