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Outdoor NRG Economic Initiative Gathering

A New Outdoor Gear Industry in Southern WV? Join us to casually network and discuss the possibilities!

Are you or your business connected to the outdoor industry, either directly or indirectly? Would you like to see a healthier, more robust outdoor economy in the New River Gorge region? If so, your input is needed.

Outdoor NRG is an initiative led by the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority bringing together a broad coalition of outdoor vendors, retailers, enthusiasts, guides, manufacturing companies, related businesses, industry leaders, land managers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, economic development leaders, capital providers / funders, outdoor businesses, innovation support, and others wishing to grow the outdoor industry in our region. Join us for this casual networking event where we will further explore the possibilities. All are welcome, and the first beverage is on us!

Date:  Monday, January 13th 

Time:  5:30pm – 8:00pm

Where: The Grove, 103 Keller Ave, Fayetteville, WV 25840

Snacks and your first beverage is on us!  And as always, please share the word with anyone else who may be interested in joining us.


The outdoor industry is an under-utilized path for regional growth, population attraction, and sustainable economic development, and the New River Gorge region is rich in outdoor assets, development potential, strong leadership, and workforce. Outdoor NRG will serve as a catalyst bringing together regional partners interested in developing the region’s outdoor industry and broader outdoor economy.


Outdoor NRG will convene interested individuals to collectively build a network and environment that attracts, fosters, and prioritizes entities manufacturing goods that serve the outdoor adventure sports and outdoor industry. By gathering data and crafting a message drawing interest and regional marketing potential, Outdoor NRG strives to retain and grow a unique, healthy population of industry businesses that are complimentary to the outdoor industry: creating jobs, a stable workforce, and a growing regional population.


In March 2019, NRGRDA contracted Noah Wilson, Emergent Opportunities to serve as facilitator for Outdoor NRG. Noah’s work with the Outdoor Gear Builders in Asheville, NC is impressive, ongoing, and impactful. Outdoor NRG will host a series of convenings to bring together individuals across the outdoor industry. Throughout these meetings, Noah will gather themes, goals, and next steps to develop a strategy for growing the outdoor industry in the New River Gorge region.

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