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Growing in Summers County

The southern counties of West Virginia are well acquainted with hardships. With having a once booming coal industry supporting them and since watching that industry fizzle out, local entrepreneurs have had to find new strategies to create thriving businesses at a time where challenges are plenty.

Summers County has been quite a force in this endeavor. Established in 1871 at the height of the frontier era, Summers County would become one of the fastest growing economic staples of West Virginia. Although the county has not been immune to the decline of the coal industry in Appalachia, it has made strides in adapting to a new and growing economical climate in the Mountain State. According to the Business Statistics Database (BSD), the county has held the lead in new business growth for a straight 12-month period! This is quite the achievement for the southern WV county. Summers County is a shining example of how optimistic of a time it is in the New River Gorge Region! This is a very exciting moment not just for Summers County, but for Southern West Virginia as a whole! With the right plan in practice, Appalachia can provide a very successful and promising home for new businesses.

Congratulations to Summers County for all the hard work you’ve displayed and for leading a new charge in expanding Appalachia!