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5 Reasons to Buy Locally

The businesses that inhabit a town are a huge part of what makes that town stand out. They’re a part of the personality and style of the town. And most importantly, they’re typically owned and operated by people that live in that same town. Supporting local businesses is extremely valuable and below is a list of five main reasons why.

1. It helps shape your community.

We live in a time in which you can interact with almost anyone on the planet without actually seeing them in person. The convenience of shopping online is tempting, but the relationships you make when consistently offering your patronage to local business are bonds that keep a town thriving.

It might be as simple as knowing that when you buy your gallon of milk for the week, you know the person accepting your money for it truly values your business because it sustains their livelihood. Or maybe the locally owned coffee shop has been you and your buddy’s favorite meeting spot for years and it just wouldn’t feel right hanging out anywhere else. The personal touch that unique businesses give your community are what shapes it!

2. You are more likely to pay lower taxes.

The more local businesses you have in your area, the lower your taxes will be. When a small business does not have more efficient central locations, they put less strain on your roads and safety services. This all boils down to saving revenue. And speaking of revenue, independent businesses generate more tax revenue per dollar.

3. You can try an item before you buy it.

We mentioned the convenience of pressing a button and an item shows up in the mail. That pales in comparison to the convenience of seeing the very thing you’re buying before you purchase it. A part of buying locally and creating those relationships with the small business owners is trust. They want your continued business and will make sure that you’re satisfied with what you’re buying from them.

4. It keeps your town healthy.

Think about the size of a small family-operated grocery store compared to the size of a giant corporation coming into your town. Local businesses take up less land, consume less resources and contribute to the sustainability of your community’s natural environment. All you have to do is notice the massive trucks that bombard the road traveling to and from warehouses to keep a large store going.

5. You have quality choices.

You may stumble into a small business in your town and find some true gems! Large businesses have large sales goals and do very little to market their products because they have a built-in revenue plan. Smaller businesses may stock their shelves with less, but the quality of what you have to shop for is very special. For example, the ground beef you buy from the local market is probably there due to the work of a local butcher. The apples are probably the product of a local orchard. This comes back to the personality of a community. The excitement of buying from local businesses and having the unique experiences you have by doing so is something that should be valued greatly!