NRGRDA Community Development

NRGRDA community development focuses on creating vibrant, sustainable and unique places by providing community and economic development services and programs to attract and retain vibrant communities within the New River Gorge region of West Virginia.

Quality of Place

Community development agents in all four counties work to improve the quality of place by facilitating the development of recreational initiatives, promoting growth of local farmers’ markets and community gardens, and supporting the preservation of cultural and historical initiatives.

Community Capacity Building

Community capacity building efforts help local communities address their unique challenges and enable them to initiate self-led projects. In order to aid in this process, the NRGRDA provides assistance with grant writing and administration, as well as providing leadership education for community groups and non-profits. The primary role of our community development agents is to connect communities with the resources they need to lead their own growth.

Community Beautification

The NRGRDA strives to help communities improve the visual impression of their locations by assisting with challenges related to dilapidated and/or nuisance properties, facilitating public arts projects, supporting the creation of public green spaces, and assisting with public perception improvement projects.

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