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The Raleigh County Memorial Airport is Seeking Licensed Contractors for the Sale of Timber and Clearing of Four Parcels in Beaver, WV

Prepared by:

New River Gorge Regional Development Authority

116 N. Heber Street, Suite B

Beckley, WV 25801

Request for Proposal

The Raleigh County Memorial Airport (RCMA) is seeking proposals from qualified and appropriately licensed contractors to sell timber, clear, and incorporate Best Management Practices (BMP) measures to control storm water runoff and soil erosion for +/- 95 acres of property located in the City of Beaver and the unincorporated area of Raleigh County. The RCMA intends to enter into contract with the selected Respondent within fourteen (14) days of a Notice of Award. Should there be reasons why the contract cannot be awarded within the specified period, the time may be extended by mutual agreement between the RCMA and the selected Respondent.

Property Description

The four parcels designated for this RFP are located on public airport property. (See aerial photos in Exhibit A)

Non-Mandatory Pre-Submittal Meeting and Site Inspection

Non-mandatory pre-submittal meetings will be accommodate with prior scheduling before February 16, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST Any Contractor desiring to visit the site prior to submission must schedule an appointment by calling RCMA Airport Manager Tom Cochran at (304) 890-4615.

Scope of Work
  • Contractor will provide all labor, materials and equipment necessary to sell timber and clear +/- 95 acres of property as depicted in Exhibit A of this RFP. Parcels will be cleaned of all surface trash, and debris, including deadfall, live trees less than 5 inches in diameter standing at breast height. Best Management Practices (BMP) will be incorporated to insure effective storm water runoff and erosion control on all parcels.
Additional Requirements
  • Minimum Insurance Coverage: Contractor will be required to maintain in force a policy or policies of insurance written by one or more responsible insurance carriers licensed to do business in the State of West Virginia that shall insure against liability for injury to and/or death of and/or damage to property of any person or persons, with policy limits of not less than the following: $1,000,000.00 combined single limit for injury to or death of any number of persons or for damage to property of others arising out of any one occurrence and $1,000,000.00 combined aggregate and umbrella coverage for any and all actions of Contractor based on the Operations to be provided.
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnification: Contractor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the RCMA, its officers, employees, agents and assigns harmless from any judgements, liabilities and associated costs for bodily injury, death or damage to property resulting, in whole or part, from any and all acts or omissions of Contractor, its officers, employees, agents and assigns.
  • License Requirements: Contractor must have, and provide, a current WV Contractors License.
Fee Basis

This project will be paid on a lump sum basis. The payment will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract at the end of the project once all work has been completed by the Contractor and approved by the RCMA.

Submittal Requirements

a. Respondent submittals will include:

  • Respondent qualifications and experience to complete the project.
  • Copies of all current licenses required to complete the work.
  • Proposed work plan, level of effort, and timeline required to complete the project.
  • Identification of any work to be performed by sub-contractors. Include names of sub-contractors and copies of their current licenses.
  • Complete and signed “RCMA RFP Submittal 19-10 Form”.

b. Number of submittal copies: Two (2)

RFP submittal delivery method: Registered, certified mail, overnight delivery service (UPS/FedEx), or hand delivery in a seal envelop marked “Timber Sales & Land Clearing”. Submittals using email will be accepted and may be emailed to

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Februrary 18, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT. Any submittal received after the date and time specified herein shall not be considered.
  • Bid opening date will occur on February 19th at 10 AM at Raleigh County Memorial Airport. Please indicate your bid opening attendance as part of your response to ensure social distancing can occur. Selected firm will be notified of
    contract award by Monday, February 22nd by 5PM.
Submit documents to:

Raleigh County Memorial Airport
Attn: Tom Cochran
176 Airport Circle Room 105
Beaver, WV 25813

Questions/clarifications: Respondents may submit questions or requests for clarification up to the submission deadline.

Phone: (304) 890-4615

Evaluation Criteria: 

The following evaluation criteria will be used to select the successful Respondent:

  1. Submittal details and completeness of information provided
  2. Proposed plan and level of effort required to complete Project by March
    31, 2021.
  3. Timber sale valuations shall take into consideration and protect the highest potential value of the timber to offset the total contract cost.
  4. Complete bid price
Contractor Selection:

The RCMA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received, request additional information, use the information in any matter deemed to be in the best interest of the RCMA, utilize outside assistance in evaluating proposals, waive informalities, and undertake the described work in a manner other than that set forth herein as applicable law allows.

Additional Information:
  • This RFP is not intended as a formal offering for the award of a contract or for participation in any future solicitation.
  • All submissions shall become the property of the RCMA and shall not be returned. Upon execution of a binding contract, all submission shall become a matter of public record and regarded as public records except for those parts of each submission defined by Respondent as business or trade secrets provided that said parts are submitted in a separate, sealed envelope and clearly marked as “trade secret” or “proprietary”.
  • The RCMA shall not be liable for any costs incurred by any respondent in the preparation, submittal, presentation, or revision of its submission.
  • Parcels will be prioritized by most immediate clearing need. The clearing project is expected to be completed on or before March 31, 2021.
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