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Our Partners at Region 4 Planning and Development Council are Searching for a Consultant!

Region 4 Planning and Development Council located in Nicholas County, West Virginia is in the process of obtaining services for potential ATV Trail System Development locations throughout Braxton, Clay, Fayette, Nicholas and Webster Counties.

The Rimfire ATV Trail Initiative will include the counties of Braxton, Clay, Fayette, Nicholas and Webster located in West Virginia. The selected Agent would be an individual or firm whom is familiar with property owner negotiations for large tracts of land such as those tracts being used in the coal, timber and natural gas extraction industries. The company or individual will reach out to landowners within the five county Rimfire project area to gauge interest in their participation in the Hatfield McCoy trails Rimfire trail project expansion and also introduce the potential land holding companies to the project, set up meetings and shepherd the negotiations for use of their property for a Hatfield McCoy All-Terrain Vehicle trail system. The land agent will analyze coal, timber, and gas drilling plans and look at West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection mine permits to narrow the locations to only those which can be developed without impacting the land companies natural resource extraction operations. The Land Agent would help identify in each of the five counties landowners whom are willing to have their property utilized and developed as a Hatfield McCoy Trails managed ATV trail system, ultimately compiling a list of these companies for evaluation by the Rimfire project advisory team. Contracts are to be awarded on a Fixed Fee basis. Region 4 Planning and Development Council may choose to retain the selected consultant throughout all stages of the project. All companies or individuals interested in being considered for this project must submit a proposal detailing qualifications, technical expertise, management and staffing capabilities, and related prior experience.

The consultant selection process shall be in compliance with the WV Code 5G.

Interested firms must submit 6 copies of all requested information to: Region 4 Planning and Development Council, 885 Broad Street, Suite 100, Summersville, WV 26651 no later than Monday August 12th, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Should there be any questions please contact John Tuggle at (304) 872- 4970 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. It is the responsibility of the respondent to ensure the receipt of the proposal by the date and time specified.

This contract will be awarded to the responsible offeror whose proposal is within the competitive range and determined to be the most advantageous to Region 4 Planning and Development Council price and other factors considered.

For more information about Region 4 Planning and Development Council, please visit

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