New River Gorge Region


A well developed primary road transportation system provides easy commuting within the region. The strong access to I-77, I-64, and US Route 19 within our region, offers easy access to the state capital, the NAFTA Corridor, the Southern Auto Corridor, as well as overnight shipping routes to 1/2 the United States population and 1/3 of the Canadian population.


The Raleigh County Memorial Airport is located just outside Beckley, and features two runways and four wide-open approaches, with no restrictions. This airport houses more private aircraft than any other airport in the state, as well as its own maintenance facility that serves aircraft from around the world. The airport serves commercial flights twice daily to Charlotte, North Carolina.


The region’s rail infrastructure is serviced by both CSX and Norfolk Southern Railways. This service is a vital part of the region’s transportation advantage. Their traffic and tonnage rates continue to rise, increasing the quality and frequency of lines and deliveries to and from local businesses. Their service also provides quick access to the ports of Norfolk, Virginia.


Broadband providers in the area in the area include Suddenlink Communications, Frontier Communications Corporation, Verizon Communications Inc., AT&T, Telephone and Data Systems Inc., NTELOS, and Sprint Nextel Corporation. Average speeds offered throughout the region range from 100mbps – 768mbps.

How It All Works To Serve You

The New River Gorge region is home to one of the busiest travel corridors in the United States, and offers unparalleled access to both U.S. and Canadian populations, as well as unfettered access to international markets via established and reliable rail and port access via Norfolk, VA. Companies located within the region are able to reduce their logistics and import expenses, while competing in a global economy due to their reduced cost of operations. Additionally, several educational institutions are providing a highly qualified workforce in this sector.

The region’s transportation and logistics industry is enabled by multimodal transportation infrastructure elements that are privately and publicly owned and operated. The transportation system consists of major state and federal highways, local roadways, freight and passenger railroads, private and public transit systems, in addition to local and national airports

The NRG region is nestled within the crossroads of major Interstate Highways I-77 and I-64, with local access to Route 19 and quick connections to I-81 and I-79. The region’s robust state and federal highway systems serve a critical function in supporting interstate commerce both locally and by providing the nation with a main artery for transportation. These systems provide the region with overnight hauling access to half the U.S. population and more than one-third of the Canadian population.

The two Class I railroads that operate within the region, CSX and Norfolk Southern Railway, together dominate the Eastern United State’s railway system. Their local lines provide customized service for local industry with connections to major ports including Norfolk, VA.

With two commercial airports, including Raleigh County Memorial Airport and Charleston Yeager Airport, aviation is a fundamental resource to local commerce operating within a global market. These airports provide the connectivity to worldwide markets and destinations, something that is essential to the region’s rapidly expanding business community and world renowned tourist destinations.

For business travelers and tourists alike, the Raleigh County Memorial Airport offers twice daily flights to and from Charlotte, NC with tickets well under $100. With international passenger traffic increasing, there’s also significant potential for new daily flights to Florida and New York. This airport continues to be a partner in economic development and works diligently to increase the region’s accessibility and ease of use for regional commerce.

The region is served by the US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS. In Raleigh County, there is a FedEx ground distribution hub located adjacent to the Raleigh County Memorial Airport.

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