Lillian Graning

As the Chief Communications Officer for the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority, Lillian works with NRGRDA staff, extension agents, and community leaders to craft the implementation and communication of a regional strategic plan. This includes managing activities related to prospects and new business as well as keeping communities apprised of all the NRGDA is doing to keep local enterprise ahead of the curve.

Lillian works to create tools and connections to better serve the region’s seven target industries (tourism, wood products/forestry, agribusiness/food systems, distribution/logistics, manufacturing, and back office operations). One of those tools includes a site and building system, that provides any prospect to access our regional inventory of sites, buildings or office space without the hassle of calling or emailing a local agent.

She also works to clearly communicate the incentives offered by state, regional, and local authorities to make sure prospects understand how local communities can work for their business. In order to keep those systems performing most efficiently and to make sure users are getting what they need, she runs frequent economic analysis to guarantee that the public can find the information they need to make informed decisions. Essentially, the NRGRDA works to provide easy access to anything that will make doing business in the New River Gorge region better and more efficient. Lillian works to make sure those efforts are accessible and meet the needs of regional entrepreneurs.

(304) 254-8115

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