Workforce Preparation

The NRGRDA works closely with regional workforce programs to strengthen and grow the workforce within the New River Gorge region. Part of this work includes efforts to increase the health and wellness of all residents. Another includes addressing regional issues associated with systemic youth poverty. We also assist by facilitating conversations between multiple partners to align education, employers, workforce development agencies, and potential employers.

Strong, Available Workforce

Workforce development is one of the most important efforts our organization is a part of. While traditional workforce development only focuses on training, or job postings, our organization has formed strong alliances with regional partners to strengthen our workforce from every angle.

One factor in our workforce is wellness. In order to assist our region in becoming the vibrant, healthy place it could be, we assisted in creating a non-profit called Active Southern West Virginia. This organization’s absolute goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of the region’s workforce. The strategies they’ve identified to make this happen include, increasing childhood education and exposure to healthy habits, promoting and increasing options for community fitness activities,  identifying community leaders to engage individuals on a local level, and to improve regional infrastructure and establish an inviting environment in which to be active.

Another key aspect to local workforce development includes open lines of communication and regional cooperation on workforce initiatives. Our organization serves as the host for regional discussions and strategy planning for regional workforce players. The New River Gorge region hosts integral groups contributing to workforce progress and provides a forum in which to partner, initiate, and develop new and innovative ways for our region to build a stronger workforce.

The overlying goal of our efforts in workforce development come down to enhancing our region’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people rather than numbers. This work has allowed us to see workforce as an evolution from problem focused tasks, to addressing development from a holistic perspective.

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