Community Capacity Building

Community capacity building efforts help local communities address their unique challenges and enable them to initiate self-led projects. In order to aid in this process, the NRGRDA provides assistance with grant writing and administration, as well as providing leadership education for community groups and non-profits. The primary role of our community development agents is to connect communities with the resources they need to lead their own growth.

Helping communities grow and develop themselves

Capacity building is an approach to development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit our communities, governments, and businesses from realizing their goals. During this process, our staff and extension agents work to enhance the existing strengths each community possesses, that allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Our agents frequently host training workshops, community meetings, and discussions that strengthen skills, competencies, and the ability individuals have to overcome the causes of past difficulties. Regional capacity building is vital to the identity and growth of the New River Gorge region, and will continue to develop strong and resourceful communities.

Here are just a few ways we impact community capacity in the region:

  • Host annual regional development summit to stimulate feedback and innovation
  • Assist with grant writing and administration
  • Provide leadership training to non-profits and community groups in the region
  • Connect communities to external resources

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