In West Virginia, you never know when your neighbors are reaching around the world with products created locally. The wood handicrafts Richwood Creations have been featured in stories in the Boston Globe, in Long Island’s Newsday and in a Thanksgiving Day TV segment.  The word is definitely getting out about the West Virginia based Richwood Creations.

Richwood Creations, at 807 North Side Drive in  Summesrville, was created as a means to fund the Young Life organization in Richwood, West Virginia, has come a long way since that time. Less than two years from their start, they are making a name far beyond the borders of West Virginia. Through a unique relationship with Etsy and Nordstrom’s, the upscale New York-based department store; gift items from Richwood Creations have found their way into homes in countries on every continent in the world.

Richwood Creations is making a mark on the world through the ministry of craftsmanship headed by the non-profit Richwood Creations. Operated out of nearby Summersville, head creator Brad Weckesser, has experienced such a demand for merchandise that they found it necessary to hire seven new employees for Richwood Creations, all since conception last September.

In addition, Richwood Creations is seeing 5 times its production with the addition of a second laser cutter.  The space, the tools and equipment and the salary of the Weckesser’s were all originally donated by a partnership of supporting Christian business owners in Richwood, WV and Beaver, PA area..  Less than two years into the reality, and the ministry is already paying for itself, and making a profit that has begun to benefit the local youth through the youth charity, Young Life.

New items like rolling pins will be added into the mix of woodcrafts available.  There seems to be no limit to the creative possibilities. See what is available from Richwood Creations on Nordstrom’s site:  Or

Richwood Creations products are also available at several independently owned  retailers, ETSY, Scout Mob, BRIKA and may others online as well as in 23 Nordstrom Stores and online. Find more information about their company here:

Richwood Creations Products

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