Just a few months after the official opening of the Beckley Hive, Chuck Toussieng, founder of Richwood Scientific, Inc., is establishing a WV Hive Network affiliate to accompany his already established tech company. This Hive based at 31 E. Main Street in Richwood, WV will be the second touchdown location for citizens looking to connect, learn, and start businesses.

After moving to Richwood, from Los Angeles, California, Chuck didn’t waste any time plugging into the West Virginia technology scene. He has quickly connected with the Richwood community, and will use his extensive engineering and computer coding skills to encourage and mentor people of all ages interested in learning to program. He has used the positive community feedback he received to build more programs for local students and entrepreneurs. One example is the littleBitsTM competition he is hosting on December 12th.

This December, the Main Street location Chuck has developed will become an extension of services to the WV Hive Network. Members of the Richwood community will be able to stop by 31 E. Main Street and communicate virtually with any one of a large network of regional Hive mentors. The virtual meeting connections and workspace will remove the travel barrier for many entrepreneurs and investors in the Richwood area. It will also allow citizens in the Beckley area to view and participate in events being held in Richwood.

This partnership is precisely the model that WV Hive Network imagined to eliminate barriers, increase communication, and maximize connectivity between regional resources. To find out more about Richwood Scientific, Inc. visit their websiteFacebook page, or contact Chuck Toussieng directly. Needless to say, the WV Hive Network is excited to add Richwood Scientific to its growing list of touch down locations and partner network.

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