The Hinton Technology Center electric vehicle (EV) charging station was prompted by Summers County Planning officials setting a goal to increase the visibility of Hinton and the Hinton Technology Center within the EV community. They recently installed two charging points. The first has a GE Watt Station 30-amp device with an industry-standard J1772 Level-2 connector. The second spot has a 120V/240V Duplex Receptacle with 5-20R & 6-20R capability. This is a low-cost but highly flexible solution that allows this station to serve nearly every EV on the road today. The Level-2 charging capability is especially attractive to the EV community. To further their efforts to attract and support the EV community, the Tech Center has decided not to charge for their EV services.

The Hinton Technology Center was chosen as the location for this EV charging station due to its easily accessible location, available space, and the absence of implementation challenges. The Planning Commission expects usage to start gradually, with increased demand as the word gets out to the EV community. Hinton can easily be a midway point for many EV travelers in southern West Virginia. Plus, there are multiple shopping and restaurants within walking distance of the station. For example, someone could find the Hinton Tech Center EV Charging Station on as they are planning their trip. When they stop in Hinton, to use the Level-2 charging station, they’ll also be able to have a great lunch at the Market, and poke around Downtown shops as well. They get a free charge, and our local economy gets a boost as well.

As demand increases, the Planning Commission will entertain additional EV charging stations in the Downtown area. The Commission feels this service makes Hinton an attractive destination to tech-savvy workers and visitors.

Just as this process has held its learning curves, the Planning Commission plans to bring more innovations to the area, that might help make the Hinton Tech Center and New River Gorge gateway more appealing to tech companies considering the area. The idea has been well received among local stakeholders, who recorded the implementation process so that other communities considering EV stations, will have an easier time implementing these stations in their town.

While there aren’t many tax credit to recover public charging station installation costs in WV, individuals considering installations, may be eligible for a number of credits. Overall the expense of purchase and installation was very affordable, and the expense of electricity used is negligible, compared to the overall month kilowatt building load.

Together, the City of Hinton, Hinton Development Authority, and the Summers County Planning Commission worked to architect and fund the project. Cris Meadows was a key contributor, and the electrical contractor was Chris Blankenship.


EV Charging Station

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