Armory Before

In 2012 the Summers County Dilapidated Structure Committee began identifying blighted and dilapidated properties along the main corridors of the County. There were over 50 properties identified and the committee begin researching and contacting the owners of each property.

This property at the intersection of Routes 3/20 was a former National Guard Armory and had been used for several commercial uses since the armory closed. The structure was owned by an out of state company and had several issues; the roof was collapsing, over grown vegetation, trash and debris, broken windows and unsecured entrances.

The demolition of the structure was estimated to be close to $100,000 as it did contain asbestos. The property owner met with the committee several times looking for assistance and obtained some quotes from local contractors.

With assistance from local counsel, by March the property owner had demolished the building and cleaned up the area, at the expense of the property owner. The owner has not indicated what will be done with the lot in the future.

To date there have been 21 properties repaired or demolished through the work of the Dilapidated Structure Committee.

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