The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority is happy to announce that the Town of Fayetteville has received notice of a grant award from the FLAP (Federal Lands Access Program) to establish a four-mile Biking/walking route from National Park System NPS trailhead connections in Fayetteville Town Park to Fayetteville High School, at the intersection of West Maple Avenue and Laurel Creek Road. The project has been awarded the full funding request of over $280,000. Available funding must be maintained through future congressional appropriations. This project is a public/private partnership between Cascade Properties, represented by Bill Wells and the Town of Fayetteville through Town Superintendent Bill Lanham. The grant was submitted with the assistance of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority and West Virginia State University Extension Service, supported by Fayette County Board of Education, Fayette County Commission, Pies and Pints, local business owner Bill Reilley, and was approved by Trish Kicklightner, Superintendent for the National Park Service.

“This project is a perfect example of how public/private partnerships can work to leverage resources to assist in important community projects. Having a developer like Cascade Properties who values the public impact of what they do alongside their own financial interests is a remarkable asset for the Town of Fayetteville,” said NRGRDA and WVSU Extension Agent Adam Hodges. ”This project would not have been possible without them.”

The proposed route will include signage, road striping, road crossings, off-road trail building and other improvements to provide safe access to the NPS trail system. The trail portion will connect Pies and Pints to Fayetteville High School providing young and old a safe route between downtown Fayetteville and the High School. This trail will also build the first phase of a Fayetteville to Oak Hill trail that has been in planning stages for many years. Once complete, connecting Fayetteville to the Oak Hill would allow access to the White Oak Rail Trail, in Oak Hill, and allow residents to move between cities safely on foot or by bicycle.

“This is a wonderful example of partners working together to accomplish a project that will benefit the residents of Fayetteville and visitors to the area” said National Park Service Superintendent Trish Kicklightner. “It is a privilege to work with communities to improve outdoor recreation opportunities.

“Cascade Properties is excited to be a part of the New River Gorge Recreation Trail project to connect communities to each other and the park.” said Bill Wells, representative of Cascade Properties. “Trails like this promote healthy lifestyles and improve the quality of life in the community.  We look forward to working with the Town of Fayetteville and all of the other supporting organizations to make these trails a reality.”

The Town of Fayetteville is happy to accept of a grant award from the Federal Lands Access Program” said Bill Lanham, Town Superintendent for the Town of Fayetteville. “I think this project is such a natural fit for the Town of Fayetteville and we are pleased that the Federal Lands Access Program felt that this grant application was considered on its merits and that it should be funded. Giving the residents of the Town of Fayetteville, the local surrounding communities in Fayette County and the thousands of visitors to our town additional hiking and biking opportunities just adds to the Coolest Small Town’s ability to be an outdoor recreational and fitness hub of West Virginia. The Town of Fayetteville is looking forward to working with our public and private partners on this exciting project.”


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