VISTAs with the National Coal Heritage Area Authority recently worked on a panel for the mural at DuBois on Main in Mount Hope. This was done as a “Day of Service” project in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The panel that was selected was an image of WEB DuBois, the namesake of the segregated High School in Mount Hope. Painting is being done on individual panels of “parachute cloth” that will then be affixed to the building to create the final image. This process assures that community members at all ages and levels of mobility are able to participate. Made possible through a grant from the National Coal Heritage Area Authority, the mural will be completed in August of 2015, just in time for the CREATE WV Conference that is coming to Fayette County in September. The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority is proud to assist in this project through the work of Community Development Agent, Adam Hodges.

DuBois on Main Museum presents the history and contributions of DuBois High School (1919-1956). Its mission is to inform, educate and provide opportunities for inter-generational and inter-racial gatherings and workshops through exhibits of pictorial, biographical and historical artifacts. This history of a people, place and time can establish an identity and sense of pride for enrichment of the community.


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