The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority (NRGRDA) is excited to announce that Mr. Joseph Brouse will join the regional development team as the new Director of Business Retention and Expansion, effective February 2nd, 2015. Joe will work to develop and circulate capital, strengthen the resources available to local companies, and increase the competitiveness of the region for business  retention.

Joe’s expertise is in lending. Not only has he worked with commercial banks, but also with alternative lenders such as Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF). During his time at NCIF, he sharpened his ability to serve triple bottom line businesses with sustainable development lending and investing.  It’s that local economic development mindset that will help him serve the New River Gorge region of West Virginia.

Joe explains that “Having been a partner with the NRGRDA, I have to come to recognize the diversity of talent there and the commitment to economic growth.  NRGRDA’s activities certainly hold promise for the four county region of southern West Virginia”

As Joe sees it, the NRGRDA is not only a source of capital but also the bridge to other forms of investment and lending based on the partnerships it has formed with other stakeholders over the years. By addressing issues related to employment, growth, and now providing business coaching, the NRGRDA is becoming a one stop avenue for entrepreneurialism in the four county region.

Joe now brings his vast experience in leveraging capital between partners to bring traditional and non-traditional funding to those companies who want to expand their operations, and who can grow within the region.

Matt Wender, Chairman of the NRGRDA Board of Directors says “The NRGRDA is pleased to have someone with his depth of experience and the passion for a better future here in Southern West Virginia, where he grew up.  Joe Brouse is known to all of us and we know he adds a wealth of talent to any organization with which he is associated.  We are thrilled that he has joined the NRGRDA team.


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