BFG Building Award

The BFG Building sits at the heart of Richwood, WV. In an effort to “reboot Richwood”, local development groups are working to position the building for a more visually appealing presence in the community. This 40,000sqft structure has a long history, and many challenges. In an effort to address those challenges, the City of Richwood will soon be recieving a $3,750 grant as a result of the Northern Brownfield – West Virginia Redevelopment Collaborative “Shark Tank” competition held on June 10th, 2015. The award has been designated to address the challenges around the former BFG building.

Grant funding intended to address these primary challenges:

1) Liens – $1000. The $375K in liens against the property have been in place since 1999 and Joe Brouse of the NRGRDA is providing technical assistance in addressing. There will be some required legal processing at the point of finalizing to assure clear title. $1000 of this grant will be held for use in this fashion.

2) Structural Assessment – $1500. The entire building requires preliminary engineering assessment, and to that end a Flex-E-Grant has been received, of which $5000 is designated for just such an assessment. It is anticipated that the process could run slightly higher and therefore $1500 will be held to assure the assessment can be completed.

3) Site clean-up – $1250. The accumulated debris and overgrowth around the structure needs addressed. We will solicit assistance from several sources, including the WV REAP program, NC Day Report, WV National Guard, and others. However, there will be disposal and ancilary costs related to clean-up and to that end $1250 of the grant will be designated.

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