Swope Construction Company

Swope Construction Company

Swope Construction Co. has raised the bar for quality commercial construction in West Virginia and Virginia for nearly thirty years. Our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and innovative intuition makes us one of the largest, most dependable general contractors in the eastern United States.

By employing highly skilled and capable professionals, Swope Construction Co. delivers top-quality commercial construction even with complex and accelerated job schedules. Our employees are not only efficient and meticulous; they each display unique talent in their specialized fields.

Our Mission
We set the standard for dedication to customers and community by providing values, skills and resources that allow building owners, designers, neighbors and users to realize their dreams. Because our passion for safety, quality, cleanliness and respect for our partners is what grows our business, it helps our employees and subcontractors to accomplish their dreams.

Swope Construction Company is built on the principal of dedication to our customers and community with our enterprise-wide set of values provides an environment of constant growth and dependability. Founded in 1983, Swope Construction Co. has experienced a consistent level of growth and improvement since its inception even during tough economic conditions.

During its first full year in business, Swope Construction was awarded approximately $1 million in sales. Annual sales growth has steadily increased over the last 30 years to more than $20 million per year. Our consistent sales growth can only be attributed to employing the best people combined with implementing progressive technology and equipment. We continually strive to improve our quality of work and our methodologies such as creating our own, in-house programs for information management, safety and cost control. We also use leading estimating, accounting, scheduling and CAD software.

Swope ConstructionAt Swope Construction Co., our primary goal is to provide a safe working environment for our employees, partners and customers. We pride ourselves on the initiatives taken as a company to ensure the safety of all personnel involved with our projects. In conjunction with OSHA, our safety program has been evaluated through the ABC STEP and the AGC Chase Programs achieving the highest levels in both, Platinum and Gold respectively.

To achieve such high levels of safety, Swope Construction Co. follows a strict program developed to OSHA standards with a higher degree of safety expectations set by the company itself. Our safety program includes scheduled meetings with all employees, regular training seminars, and frequent on-site evaluations by both the safety director and a designated safety employee. Our team also utilizes a custom developed safety program to track all training and items for improvement. This program meets OSHA record keeping requirements and assists us in maintaining the performance of our employees and subcontractors.

Swope Construction has an open-door policy regarding our safety program and any facet of our business. It is our belief that safety and customer relationships transcend all boundaries of competition. For further information about our methodologies, safety program or information on past or present projects please contact us.

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