Focus Intent

Focus Intent

 As professional trainers, we’re also happy to develop new curriculum for your specific needs. We understand the Adult Learner and create course content and learning materials appropriate for your participants.

Focus Intent provides interactive workshops and group facilitation to improve the performance of organizations and communities. We help build effective teams. We do staff development, project & strategic planning, board development, workshops and meeting facilitation.

Team Development & Staff Engagement
We provide impactful team development and staff engagement programs, for groups from 5 to 105+.  Every program is personalized to the needs of your group. A variety of group problem solving initiatives and challenges are used to achieve identified learning objectives. Each program is customized for your specific needs and desired outcomes.


Performance Coaching – Project & Strategic Planning
Groups achieve success when a shared vision is recognized, committed to, planned for, and acted on.  The steps above list a challenging process for any group to embark upon, and one where Coaching can be both important and effective.

Our process is based on the performance coaching methodology of Douglas K. Smith. This methodology is challenge-centric, results-focused, and accountability-driven.


Non-Profit Board Governance Development
In practice, boards have three fundamental roles: setting direction, ensuring the organization has adequate resources, and providing oversight.  Pause for a moment and give your board a letter grade for each of these roles. Nationally, chief executives typically give their boards a ‘C’ at best for each role (BoardSource Governance Index). At the root of this poor performance rating is often a governance structure that undermines the effectiveness of the board. Is this true for your board?  Focus Intent can help your board boost that rating to an ‘A’.


Professional Meeting Facilitation
For best results, meetings often benefit from the participation of an outside facilitator. Focus Intent works with you to identify specific outcomes for your meeting event.  We then design and ultimately orchestrate a meeting that achieves those outcomes.  Participant time and energy are so valuable…we will be sure your time together is maximized for best results.


Impactful Professional Development Seminars

Creative Problem Solving

Wouldn’t it be great if your organization had a shared process or methodology for creative problem solving?  Participants will learn and apply the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process.  Participants will leave with an effective model for solving challenges while encouraging a culture of collaborative problem solving.




“The art of ideation”

Yes, there is a methodology to brainstorming; a methodology that provides for an environment and culture conducive for creative problem solving. Developed in the 1950’s, the Creative Problem Solving methodology was the brainchild of Alex Osborn, an advertising agency executive recognized as the inventor of brainstorming and the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS). Osborn refined the process with the assistance of Sid Parnes, Professor Buffalo State College, who brought an academic dimension to the model. The majority of creative problem solving models have roots in the CPS model.

A foundational framework of the CPS model relies on a facilitated process of divergent and convergent thinking. We will use our session to explore the divergent thinking aspect of this framework. Divergent thinking is where brainstorming and related tools are utilized for creative thinking.


Think Like A Fighter Pilot


Situational Awareness

This workshop explores how professionals in high-risk environments make decisions, often life or death situations, and how those decision-making models can be applied to those of us working in less extreme environments.

We first explore our “realm of influence” as a foundation for understanding what decisions may or may not be within our control or influence to begin with. Then, we explore the concept of Situational Awareness and how it is applied in high-risk professions. John Boyd’s OODA Loop (stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) will be presented as the primary tool for maintaining Situational Awareness.

Through worksheets, discussion, and role-play, participants will be asked to apply the benefits of Situational Awareness to their projects and occupations


Customized Workshops

Our greatest skill is in the development and implementation of programming that achieves desired client learning objectives…what ever those objectives are. We would enjoy the opportunity to develop a customized training or workshop for your organization.

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