Members own not only their individual lots but also and undivided interest in the lake proper, as well as the land which has not been developed or sold to members. The Corporation was formed primarily for recreational purposes.

The Association owns approximately 2,200 acres of land situated near Huff’s Knob of Flat Top Mountain on the headwaters of Glade Creek. A lake of about 230 acres was constructed. The lake itself, as well as the rest of the Association property, is located just twelve miles South of Beckley, West Virginia, on U.S. Routes 19 and 21.

The early growth of the Association was rocky and its membership was confronted with many financial hurdles. However, the optimism, faith and cooperation of its membership contributed immeasurably toward the solution of these problems and the ultimate success of the venture. The Board of Directors consistently has endeavored to protect the membership and assure continued success by careful planning and considered spending of funds. It has tempered its planning with caution and an eye to the future needs of the membership.

The lake is unusual in that The depth of the water is 37 feet in the dam area and is about 17 feet deep a mile and one half upstream on each fork of the lake. The clear mountain water is unusually well adapted to game fishing. In order to exploit this popular form of recreation, the Board of Directors engaged the services of a fish consultant. He was asked to advise the Board on the stocking of the lake in order to insure a well balanced and self perpetuating stock of game fish. The principal stock consists of Bass, Blue Gill and Crappie. Other species have been stocked to provide forage for these game fish. Present indications are that the supply of fish will be ample to provide fishing for the membership for many years.



The central bathing beach was incorporated in the original construction and the beach area has been improved each year since that time. Many tons of sand have been placed both on the beach and in the water out to the five foot depth. The swimming area is marked with painted buoys thus providing safe and enjoyable swimming.

Most of the members have boats, and the boating activity is  increasing with each season. The interest in boating is evidenced by the varied types of boats and motors in use on the lake. In order to protect the life and safety of the members, a large, high powered safety patrol boat is employed both for patrol purposes and rescue work.

The lake superintendent has been instructed by the Board of Directors to enforce the rules and regulations of the Association Boating activity, fishing, and jet skis are all popular on the lake.  Glade Springs golf course is within a 10 minute drive, or snow skiing and tubing is available at Winterplace Ski Resort, just minutes

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